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   Up! Cities is a project of Team Up! to build the next generation infrastructure into the cities, by preserving their originality and incorporating the disruptive technologies into the core lives of the citizens, for increasing the ease of life, standard of living & Happiness index of the city.

We count our achievements in units of "smiles we carved."

Our Happy City Lab

Our Previous Works



 Smart Up Karimnagar

    We the Team Up! self ignited local start Up! with bunch of technocrats from Sree Chaitanya College of Engineering, Came Up! with the vision of enhancing the technical capabilities of Karimnagar in support of our cities Smart city Challenge.
   With the slogan of "Smart Up! karimnagar" we have done Our best to city by initiating public awarness, Gathering sugestions, Project Ideas & Hosting a Mega expo to join the historical smarting Up! process.

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Event Details



Officials flagged off a motorcycle rally organised by us.



Poster launch by respected M.P, M.L.A, M.L.C, Mayor



Expert addressing the gathering

Big Expo Day

"Smart city - smart logo" Competition

Presentation of Smart Ideas for our Smart City

Currently Working On


The real time Status of the Buses and Schedules available, with the location of nearby stations.

Up! Autos

This platform accelerates the auto market and made door to door pickup and cashless tansactions ,easy for the citizens.

Smart Parking

Real time data on parking space availability, route to the lots are available, geo-tagging of vechiles for security also made available.


Proper virtual information desk for tourists is available, and provides assistance in your tour.


This module provides the SOS button, live Tracking and also other safety features to gaurd the people seeking security and are in emergancy situations.


Citizens involment in smarting Up process can made easy to the city council by knowing the citizens pluse and also receiving and resolving the complaints.

Feedback & Suggestions

Proper involvement of citizens in city growth is through cunducting polls and receiving ideas made easy.

ATM Status

This allows the citizens to easily locate active ATM's whenever they are in need.

Future Proposals


City Branding Patner

We believe, "Branding is not just about being seen as better than competition. It's about being seen as the only solution to your audience's problem"- Krishna chaithanya,  City Branding coordinator.




Happy City

We believe, "Happiness is a house with many rooms, but at it's core is a hearth around which we gather with family, friends, the community, and sometimes even strangers to find the best part of ourselves."- Charles Montogomery,  Author, "HAPPY CITY".


City Digital platform

We believe, "Monetizing the open data of city and bring all of its services in to single platform which is available at the fingertips of every citizen, Makes a city : Citizen loving, easy living, safe, productive, etc.,. or in one word smart city."- Krishna Chaitanya.




Green City

We believe, "We all need the living green or we'll shrivel up inside. Tomake the modern city living is the task of our times."
- Jens Jensen.


Innovators Hub

Cities: Engines of Innovation, "Most of humanity now lives in a metropolis. That simple fact helps to fuel our continued sucess as a species."- Edward Glaeser.




City Events Calender

We believe, "Events bring people together not just to have fun, but more importantly they create culture, community and bonding among the citizens, which is the soul of cities."
                      - Varun.  Event co-ordinator.

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